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Tome of Knowledge Tabletop Homebrew Thread

We've got a general D&D thread but I wanted to make a spot for general homebrew nonsense and the gradual creation of a Solthris Homebrew setting.

The 5e Wiki for ease of use:

A good resource for 5e Homebrew stuff:

And of course, references for Solthris stuff:

For Solthris setting variant...

Thinking of breaking character creation down to:

Race/Subrace: Ability score bonus (+2, +1, -1), Size, Speed, 2 Biological Traits
Ex: Orc (+2 Strength, +1 Constitution, -1 Wisdom, Intellect or Charisma), Medium, 30ft, Darkvision, Pain Tolerance / Human (+2 Any, +1 Any, -1 Any), Medium, 30ft, Human Versatility, Human Endurance

Background: Equipment Pack, 1 Language, 1 Skill and 1 Tool proficiency
Ex: Military, (Explorer's pack, Sign Language, Athletics, Healer Kit) / Scholarly (Scholar's pack, Salt-Glyphs, Jewler's tools)

Class: Starting Weapons/Armor, 1 Skill, Class features and specializations
Ex: War-Cleric (Axe, Chainmail, Intimidation) / Abjuration-Wizard (Staff, Robe, Arcana)

Culture: Select 1 Feat, 1 Language
Ex: Grutharin: Martial Adept, Gruthik / Merulosi: Historian, Trades-tongue
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