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Originally Posted by Lord Grimtale View Post
That depends on what you will accept as grey compared to morally stark white.

I think if it was Paladins vs. Forsaken, who are all about justice but also understand mercy and fighting Forsaken to the extent of their morality would be incredibly stark white and wouldn't really catch my interest.

But if it were savage werewolves vs. Forsaken, who are incredibly brutal, use shady guerilla tactics, and maybe even a lot of torture with a lack of any moral compunctions, that would be much more grey I think.

It would also be more interesting than man vs. monster, because instead it would be monster vs. monster.

Granted, it seems more like Blizzard prefers to use humans in the Alliance for dubious story developments, so you got me there.
This is what Gilneas should have been. I wish that, rather than Ivar Bloodfang being introduced as a new character, Crowley had killed him, taken command of the Silverpine packs, and that character gradually developed to have traits that Ivar has in current lore. That way, when Sylvanas holds Lorna ransom, it's a moment where we see Crowley's human side return.

The worgen curse as a whole needed to be as bad as undeath. Should have some influence on the way you think, making you angrier, more brutal by default regardless of being feral. The more times you go worgen, the less you should want to go back to being human. It should be a condition that affects the mind. Genn could be the worgen who desperately wants to stay human while fighting what he's becoming and the desire to give into it. Struggle with the desire to kill living animals and other humanoids and eat their flesh, even though he can control it.

...Frankly, there's a lot to the Gilneas vs. Forsaken plot that could've been improved upon by making our werewolves act like damned werewolves.
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