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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
I don't think that saying the humans are a species that comes in a large variety of shapes and sizes is really trying to explain things with science.
I mean, it's not science per se but observation can teach us A LOT about the Warcraft universe's take on evolution.
Let's take, just for a random example, the elfs. In the playable character races alone we got the following to choose from:
1.) Night Elfs
2.) Blood Elfs
3.) Void Elfs (ugh)
4.) Nightborne
5.) the original species, the Trolls, who come in a hulking form as well
6.) Zandalari Trolls
7.) and quite probably Goblins

And that's not even counting the myriad other near-elf creatures and / or elfish curses, mutations and so forth.

Now let's look at humans. We got
1.) Stormwind / Gilnean Humans
2.) Forsaken
3.) Kul'Tirans
4.) and the original Vrykul.
And, frankly, if we count the Vrykul, as we should, we should probably count the other fleshcursed-Titan Construct races as well. I mean, what's the difference aside from body type?
5.) Gnomes
6.) Dwarfs
7.) Darkiron Dwarfs

and if we're REALLY cheeky about it we'd be sitting here for days listing all the Titan Construct-offshoots too; they're almost as bad as elfs.

Now let's look at something with a lot less cursing or magic involved. Tauren seem to be the OG settlers besides Anquir and Trolls; there's some magic buffoonery here and there but looking at just the Tauren and the Taunka we see an astonishing difference in their entire facial structure. (I'm not a big fan of headcanoning but given the male's faces i feel like it's fair to assume the female Taunka look closer to them than female Tauren and it's just Blizzard being mercyful for bringing in a female option at all.)

My point is: if there even IS such a thing as genetics inside this setting, it's INCREDIBLY easy to manipulate, and not even just by magic, but more mundane outside circumstances as well. Real World Science may or may not laugh at the idea of Island Gigantism among Humans(frankly, i don't know, but i'd recon lifespan has more to do with it than physical size); in-universe observation says that humans developing the occassional strongman-bodytype and evolution running with it (and / or recalling some random Vrykul-traits that just cought on) is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, and in fact should be expected.

(For a related example recall the convoluted evolution of Orcs over on Draenor.
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