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Crossed Swords Casting Azeroth Wars on YouTube!

Hello all ye gentle folk. I've just started a new channel on youtube and I want the weekly jewel on that crown to be an Azeroth Wars Special. I'll be playing my own games and mostly using them a bit part tutorials on the races in an effort to stir up wider interest in out beloved custom map.

Any and all videos that you would like to submit to me will receive acknowledgement and please be sure that they are full games. If you lose and it seems like a good game, just hang in there and become a pirate. Ride out the storm to the very end so that I can have the whole drama to play out before the viewers.

If you'd like to check out the videos I already have up you can find them on youtube under the user name "TheAzothan"

Huge shout out to for their support. I'm up to over 2500 views in under two weeks of posting.

You can find my games and direction for submitting feedback or replays on my latest videos.

Thank you all in advance.
Yours, Azothan.
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