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Originally Posted by Ethenil View Post
I don't think we'll get to see how the territory is distributed in northern Kalimdor until the end of BfA because it will be in a state of constant war.

I don't know how relevant this is to the discussion, but:

I like that Illyana is a champion, showing that at least some of the children of Cenarius are helping the night elves;

I also like that Maestra is a champion too, being, in-world, probably a big deal of a priestess;

It appears Shandris will be in the battle of Lordaeron. This may indicate that the Sentinels are in force there, retirubution for Teldrassil;

Do you think it's possible to that the night elves themselves will burn Teldrassil as the Forsaken plague Lordaeron? They could use magic like in Nordrassil, where the wisps drew out the power of the World Tree.
On your first point, yes, if they fail to outline at least a general idea of what territory has changed hands, I will heavily punish that, probably in the environments section.

Addressing the last three. Maestra may or may not be killed depending on how mission table missions shake out.

I haven't seen Shandris in the Battle for Lordaeron scenario so far and I hope she doesn't turn up. Her place is in Kalimdor, I would expect her to remain there. (For those wondering, I'm mildly annoyed by the "potential of humans" line, yes.)

As for what may happen with Teldrassil, anything is certainly possible, I'm just not sure that I understand why they would do that. I know that various people saw the blue lights of Teldrassil and imagined those to be Azerite for some reason, but I always thought those were lights from settlements on the tree itself. (Prior art had led me to believe that they had built buildings around the trunk, not just on top of the tree itself - similar to other Night Elf structures that feature themselves as being in and around trees)

Then again, one of the mission table missions as I said has the Night Elves evacuating Teldrassil in advance of the Horde attack, and that's strange to me. Under normal circumstances, Teldrassil should appear to be perfectly defensible, but they're evacuating nonetheless. Time will tell.
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