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Bit sad that so few elaborated on their choices, because there are some unexpected picks in that poll!

Anyhow, I already explained my ideas for the Horde to Alliance races I picked, now it is time for Alliance to Horde.

Horde dwarves, first off, dwarves are awesome. They have cool aesthetics and are a very spirited nation, but how to get them into the Horde? Easiest way are some Dark Irons, since they are largely rebelling against Moira anyway. Thorium Brotherhood would do well since they tap into dwarven coolness much better and aren't as dickish as regular Dark Irons.
If we are want Bronzebeards, one way would be to have the Stormpike capitulate to the orcs, getting semi-enslaved in a similar manner to my Alliance orcs. Basically gruff dwarves forced to fight for the Horde or risk their families being hurt by the orcish occupation force.

Horde humans, are pretty easy. Humans are everywhere and not very bound to a central human identity. They make the bulk of the cultists, pirates, various bandits. Such groups, namely Defias, Syndicate and Death Cult bound to the Forsaken are all realistic and intriguing possibilities for Horde humans. I could go on about just how this all fits, but I reckon that it is obvious to those who are open to the idea already.
Also the human PvP racial will be available to both sides now.

Horde worgen I want because there is a chance for them to reach their dark potential among the Horde. And I don't mean any anti-hero shenanigans as Grim does, I mean off the chain murderous dogs of war who are wild and bloodthirsty. Orcish instruments of death to be unleashed and Sylvanas' pet slaves to protect her from death. Barely even able to muster a shred of humanity they are dominated by their beastly nature, they can't even transform into humans.

Horde night elves... I just find them cool. Like worgen I feel they could be much more beastly and true to their nature in the Horde. I'd set it up as a extreme reactionary movement against Tyrande and Malfurion, seeking to restore the pre-WCIII night elf society by any means necessary, civil war and allying with the Horde included.
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