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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post

1. Time Travel is terrible, we shouldn't have done WoD and we shouldn't do any more. We definitely don't need YET ANOTHER FUCKING "HORDE IS GENOCIDAL ASSHOLES" expansion, so fuck these choices on that principle as well.

2. If I -absolutely-, gun to my head, had to pick something, it'd be the Aqir Wars.
Your concern with Time Travel in General is noted, and respected, but suffice to say I disagree.

The problem with Aqir Wars is that those ranged far and wide across a Pangeaic continent that if we’re honest, is too big for an expansion. I’d love to see them, but I don’t see it as practical.

I picked the two options I did based on size (Southern EK and Northern EK are about the right size for expansion continents) and nostalgia factors. Really the only other setting I consider with logical parameters *might* be war of the ancients. A revamp of Legion Zones could work.

Your point about the Horde is a good one. Really. However, that’s where things could change. I detailed it in my description.

In an Orcs and Humans expansion, Horde heroes could try and change the Horde before Stormwind falls, hold them back at Redridge. Humans don’t care and attack. Start the soft reboot.

In the ToD expansion, it could be in that Alternate Universe, at our present day, but there is no Horde. But, Lordaeron, Stromgarde and Alterac attack the MU anyway, trying to assert their new “pure” Timeway as the new “main Timeway.” Dalaran would be the Holdout and act as the player hub. In this case, we’re looking at evil alliance.
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