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How about... evil alternate future alliance!

Won the second war, started the camps, but no rebellion. To offset costs, the orcs were put to work. Worked out pretty well, with the lethargy keeping them nice and docile. Unfortunately, there weren't that many orcs...

skip generation

skip generation

skip generation

The human kingdoms have become imperialists, spreading over the world and enslaving the locals. Dwarves plunder every titan vault they can find, now wielding technology from Ulduar they got after killing the keepers. The high elves provide the human colonies with magical slave bracers, in return getting vast riches and sources of magic. The discovery of Kalimdor led to conflicts with the night elves and their allies, becoming a full-blown war just by the time the player arrives.

Obviously, you can't cover all of Azeroth, so you'd have to go for North-central Kalimdor or Lordaeron. Would provide a nice excuse to create updated models of some of the architecture too.
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