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Originally Posted by SmokeBlader View Post
Total Warhammer is amazing. It made me like playing as the Empire. Their minis looked too goofy and I had trouble taking them seriously. Nice nods here and there as well. A vampire von Drak. I found it to be a cool easter egg. Dude's a pussy so makes sense why he never challenged the von Carsteins. Wish vampires had more heroes, like a necrach or Vlad.

So Age of Sigmarines, whatever happened with the souls of the dead vampires? From what I see Nagash has control over lots of souls so why isn't he bringing the old gang back?
Some have come back under Nagash, yes.

Neferata as the kingdom of New Lahmia and is under the control of Nagash.(He can speak through her body)
Mannfredd wants to serve Nagash, but Nagash just wants to punish him.
Ushoran is the father of the Flesh-eater Courts(deluded cannibal ghouls) and Nagash is hunting him down to enslave him and gain control over the courts.
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