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Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
That's what I'm talking about (the bolded part). They are gone. Draenor questing begins with you being sent to meet Khadgar at the portal. You talk to him, the Draenor invasion cinematic begins, and you find yourself in the Tanaan intro experience.

I checked the Alliance camp in Blasted Lands, but found no available quests there.
If and as soon as you accept quest named The Dark Portal (which is to be turned to Khadgar at the Dark Portal) try removing it from quest log and then go to Thrall / Maraad in the Blasted Lands camps. They should start the quest line. Haven't tested it tho, just what I can gather from comments.

On different topic, do Tyrande and Malfurion know that Varok is Broxigar's bro? They hold the time-traveling orc in high regards, wonder whether that will change.

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