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Chapter 4.

Vol'jin is being pampered and taken care off by unseen aides. He hasn't the strenght to speak or act, not even to say stop. Vol'jin feels confused at sleeping in a matress with soft pillows. It is common place for trolls to sleep on thin mats on wooden floors, or stretches of ground. They went inside to sleep seldom, only if there was a storm coming. Vol'jin is uncomfortable by being comfortable, as trolls are "supposed" to live in misery and discomfort. He likens it to a shark being out of the sea, being unnatural.

Vol'jin is able to identify not only races, but individuals, by their scent.

Vol'jin is very happy to smell Chen, who comes sitting down next to him. Vol'jin's eyes were not damaged, but the Pandaren healers have sealed them with pandages as to not overexcite the troll, and Chen removes them gently.

Vol'jin considered that, indeed, had a foreigner been brought to the Echo Isles, they too would have been blindfolded until Vol'jin had decided what to do with them.

Chen offers to tell Vol'jin the story of what's going on, saying he can start either from the beginning, the end, or the middle - but the middle would be the beginning of the middle, or some such. The other Pandaren in the room can sense a boring story coming, and so they leave.

Chen pretends to be jolly and clownish to conceal his vast intelligence and cunning, which Vol'jin knows and respects. Chen tells Vol'jin he assumes it wasn't Alliance soldiers who had hurt him, to whcih Vol'jin grunts something about his head being gone. Chen laughs and says:

"Someone would be supping with the king in Stormwind, with your head the centerpiece, no doubt. But I figured you'd never let the Alliance catch you where they could hurt you so much."

Chen asks Vol'jin if Garrosh is leading the Horde, now that Thrall is away. It seems he didn't know before. He makes an educated guess, that Garrosh is eliminating his rivals. The following exchange occurs:

"There's not an Alliance head that's touched a pillow that's not had a nightmare of meeting you. Not surprising the same is true of a few in the Horde."


"Me? No, never. People like me, like Rexxar, we've seen you in battle being fierce and terrible. We've also seen you mourning your father. You've been loyal to Thrall and the Horde and the Darkspear tribe. Thing is, those who can't be loyal never believe when others are. I trust in your loyalty. Someone like Garrosh figures it's a mask over treachery."

Vol'jin being found in Binan Village ties up with the player character visiting him there in 5.1. Vol'jin asks how long it's been since Chen found him, and Chen estimates one month and two and a half weeks.

Chen tells Vol'jin of the deal he struck with Taran Zhu. He also draws parallels that the Wandering Isle pandaren are viewed by the mainland Pandaren, much like the Darkspear are seen by other trolls - as something lowly. Chen tells Vol'jin that Taran considers him Tushui - thoughtful and stable. Chen says he agrees with Taran, and Taran is interested in Vol'jin for this reason, as Tushui is not something he has ever seen in the Horde. Taran wants to know why Vol'jin is different.

Supposedly, there are Darkspear trolls who adopt tauren customs. Chen says:

"But this means he wants you to learn the pandaren way. SOme of our words, our customs. It's not like he wants you to be one of those trolls who go to Thunder Bluff and become blue tauren. He wants you to understand."

Chen says that Garrosh is very Huojin.

Vol'jin is placed under the care of Tyrathan - it is a test for both of them. Tyrathan must nurse Vol'jin back to health without murdering him. Vol'jin protests violently, and attempts to get out of bed - but Chen restrains him, telling him that the man can't hurt Vol'jin. Chen explains that Taran Zhu believes that Tyrathan must heal VOl'jin in order to heal himself. "That is part of our way, my friend. Restore the balance and you encourage healing."

Supposedly, there is a "long history" or human - troll relations. A very violent history. Vol'jin thinks for himself. Taran Zhu considers Vol'jin a troll. No matter how true information may be, it may be tainted by one who delivers it. By observing Vol'jin and Tyrathan, Taran Zhu would learn objective truth as to how man and troll interact, rather than what someone else tells him of how they interact. Vol'jin realizes that yes, Taran Zhu is very smart, but this also places Vol'Jin is a position of power - for he can now choose how to act, and what Taran Zhu learns.

Vol'jin inquires about the human, to which Chen says his name is Tyrathan Khort. He's an Alliance commander in the Pandaren campaign, but not very high ranked. He was wounded in a battle which somehow aided the Pandaren, which is why Taran Zhu has allowed him to stay in the monastery, but he is afflicted by a sadness which can't be cured.

Vol'jin asks if not even alcohol staves of the sadness - to which Chen says that, like Vol'jin, they both drink a lot, and can hold their liqour well, but they are more the introspective kind of drunks. Vol'jin asks if that makes Tyrathan Tushui, which makes Chen laugh in a friendly manner. He then explains that while, yes, the alcohol thing would be very Tushui - Tyrathan has, since the day he could stand on crutches, heads out to climb the mountain. He increases his journey by one hundred yards every day, and then stops and returns. He's not physically spent, but spiritually. Vol'jin thinks this is curious and interesting, and wants to learn more.

End of chapter 4.
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Elves are glamorous. They project glamour.
Elves are enchanting. They weave enchantment.
Elves are terrific. They beget terror.

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