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Things keep looking worse and worse for Disney Star Wars.

Originally Posted by Kakwakas View Post
They did most of that. It's called Star Wars: Rebels. Even got some of the clones from TCW hanging around and a fight or two with Vader.
With a cast of nobodies. Give me young Leia and his foster father doing cool shit across the galaxy. Some rogue clone commandos working against the empire. Separatists joining republicans against the new order. Boba Fett growing up. Darth Vader hunting jedi and other rebels, while coping with his new identity. Make Obi-Wan not retire right after RotS, give him some new adventures against the empire before settling to watch for Luke.

Let us see the birth of the rebellion, and give it to us in a cohesive trilogy, not standalone products.

There's pretty much zero point at continuing the story after RotJ anyway.

Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
I disagree. A mediocre film is mediocre regardless of whether it was conceived by a single man's fantasy vision or a corporate studio's development team.
The worldbuilding from the prequels was exquisite, and I loved them as a kid, just because they looked cool. Still do in part, and even prefer that setting to that of the original trilogy, because it had a bigger scope in so many ways. Even if the storytelling was garbage, there's more than that to a movie.

All of the new movies so far feel like trash, even worse than the prequels. They don't do anything right. Most of the stuff in screen is old crap, there for nostalgia bait. The setting is boring and bland, there's barely anything alien to it, just random Earth landscapes.

The ratings in China should prove that nostalgia is the only reason why these movies can sell any tickets at all. Even a fucking Jumanji videogame trash reboot is doing better than THE franchise.

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