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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
You really ought to do about your use of fallacies. First, there is this straw man. You know, I've never made any objection to forming theories based on correlations, I've made objections to using such theories as the basis of an argument.
In context to what I said in the first place, this is a distinction without a difference. If that confuses you, it may be due to confusion between an argument and a statement of fact. In some situations an argument is a statement of fact, in other cases it may be used to express an opinion, a theory, an interpretation, or even conjecture.

So once again: "can help to demonstrate" =/= "proves".

The way I see it, box sales are more tied to the overrarching theme and marketing, whereas subscription data seem to be tied more to the actual quality/execution of the content in question and its subsequent longetivity.

That's why Mists had lower initial box sales than Cataclysm or Draenor, the theme of the expansion simply not being as appealing, yet the subscription was a bit more stable, at least until the post Orgrimmar content drought and minus the initial drop.
I think that's fair. The only element I would add is that box sales are also influenced by brand and franchise equity.
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