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Default Let's Play King of Dragon Pass

What is King of Dragon Pass?

King of Dragon Pass is a cow-simulator where you carefully manage your cattle numbers so you can become King(or Queen) of Dragon Pass. It features some bitching artwork, a damn good soundtrack and more balls-out awesome than a AAA game. There's also stuff like magical psuedo-viking raids, LARPing as the gods, finding the sword called Death and engaging in blood wars with Ducks. But mostly we're here for the cows.


King of Dragon Pass is a game of choices. Choices you the bad people of Scrolls of Lore get to make! Will you succeed in becoming the Ruler of Dragon Pass? Or will you crash and burn and have the whole tribe starve to death? Let's find out!

I Feel the Inexplicable Urge to Play This Despite The Thing Only Just Starting!

Well good news for you, good old games has it for purchase for a mere six bucks. That costs less than whatever thing you're doing now probably.

Who Cares About Questions Let's Get This Thing Started!

Hell's yeah!

New Game for us!


And here we have our first set of clan creation questions. Throw down your votes people!

This one here will decide who our chief god is. I'll get more into the nitty-gritty later but for now the choice of god will mainly affect who our clan chief is. We'll be expected to have a follower of the god as chief. Orlanth clans can have male/female chiefs, Elmal devotees are always male, and Ernalda devotees are always female.
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