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Grunt FftD: 293

Garth, the Lone Wolf
Rank: Initiate
Combat Skill: 13
Endurance: 29/29

Kai Disciplines:
1. Hunting
2. Garth Sense
3. Tracking
4. Healing
5. Weaponskill (Sword)

1. Axe
2. Mace

Belt Pouch: 9 Gold Crowns

Backpack Items:
1. Meal

Special Items:
1. Map of Sommerlund
2. Crystal Star Pendant

With a wave of his hand, Banedon leaves the ruins and you continue your mission, pushing on through the thick woods ahead. You have not gone far when you realize several pairs of yellow eyes are watching you from the undergrowth to your left. Suddenly, a black arrow skims the top of your head. It is a Giak ambush and you must run as fast as you can to escape it.

Turn to 281.
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