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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
If you think I think that, then I suppose I have well and truly muddled my point, which is simply this - consensus is not a valid foundation for truth.
I didn't say it was the foundation for truth. I said objective truth is really rare. It is like mathematics and hard sciences but it isn't like those can tell you what to believe or how a society should be run. Nazis were really good at those things but they were awful. Some people mess up on the intellectual humility part and become too deep in their own propaganda that they become dogmatic. Knowing what you don't know is very useful. Life is just full of so many ambiguities and subjective preferences that to prevent us from always fighting and sabotaging each other we have things like rule of law and social contracts.

To me what you propose is just a lack of faith in democracy. Instead we end up with whomever is the most powerful setting the dialog and information and controlling everyone else. I think what underpins your sense of reasoning isn't some higher authority. It is the people that can disseminate information selling a story that is beneficial to them. That is pretty much their soft power triumphing over quieter voices. Stuff like that happens when certain powerful groups feel apart from the rest of society. It is a risk inherent with a standing military too. When the Thai military took over their government they pretty much thought the people were too stupid to decide for themselves and while many other groups probably think that they had the guns to back it up. To me this is why law and order is important because otherwise it just comes down to a power struggle. Anyone can rationalize and justify to feel smarter than everyone else. There is more to that when it comes to running a society and I think expertise should be tied to something more tangible.
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