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I think people might be overlooking an obvious reason the Void would despise Sylvanas and what she represents. Because she doesn't really serve Death. Death is natural. Death is supposed to happen as part of the universal cycle that allows for new Life. Her actions serve neither. Her actions serve undeath.

And if the world becomes undead, then nothing will truly die any more, meaning it's all denied to the Void. Which could explain the animosity between the Scourge and Yogg-Saron, and why the voices from the Void seemed to freak out about Sylvanas in particular. In he universe as it's meant to be even Light and Life ultimately must yield to Void and Death, and vice-versa, but undeath in many ways directly opposes both because it perpetually halts the necessary cycle between the two. If the Scourge or Sylvanas were to spread undeath across the face of Azeroth and claim everything, than neither the forces of Light nor Void could prevail there.

It's not too hard to imagine that even moreso than the Light it's fought since the beginning, the Void's denizens might consider an even greater enemy to be the threat of themselves and the Light's champions both being rendered irrelevant. After all, the Light technically facilitates the existence of Void just as Void facilitates Light, but undeath by its very nature prevents either one from doing what it's supposed to do.

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