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Question, have you read this article on Brood War?

It talks about it having bad writing. So bad later games were better.

Of course, it invited criticism:

Multiple parts are completely wrong.

-Aldaris most certainly did NOT tell Zeratul that Kerrigan was controlling Raszagal. Aldaris got killed by Kerrigan and lurkers right before Aldaris could spill the beans.
-Raszagal convinced Zeratul that the 2nd Overmind was a threat, that is all. Not hard to do considering what the last one did.
-Raszagal was protected by her tribe. It isn't like a bunch of Zerg can come right in and take her away discretely.
-Regarding Kerrigan betrayed Protoss on Shakuras, she killed Aldaris after Aldaris started killing Dark Templar. The main gripe was that it was a "Protoss matter", and if you follow the custom campaign, the Dark Templar+Artanis and co were busy during the "Enslavers" campaign and would have no reason to contact Fenix about anything, and even if they did, all they could say is she killed Aldaris.
-Continuing off the previous part, Raynor/Fenix were put in a tough spot in assisting Kerrigan. They knew she was untrustworthy, but something had to be done about the UED that were preparing to enslave/kill everyone, hence why their alliance happened. Mengsk loathed working with Kerrigan as well, but didn't want to end up in a "8 by 8" cell for the rest of his life, so he had no choice.
-The link greatly ignored the UED threat by the way...saying that UED+Slave Zerg Broods is just another "Mengsk". Mengsk wasn't prepared to enslave all the Terrans and didn't plan or at least wasn't capable of "pacifying"/mass murdering the Protoss. Again, Raynor and Kerrigan knew Earth's history, which apparently was horrendous. Also/Again, the UED had orders to overthrow the Dominion and control all Terrans in the Koprulu Sector and kill all the Protoss. There is no forming an "enemy of my enemy is my friend" situation with that. Kerrigan was also hardly the greater threat for some time, with the PSI disruptor crippling her ability to control her Zerg swarms and most of the Zerg in the Sector under the UED's control through the Second Overmind.
-I already said Degalle was an idiot.
-The rest is complaining about the deaths and saying nothing happened, which isn't true at all.
-Lastly, LOL at saying Starcraft 2's Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm has better storytelling than Brood War. That kills the credibility of the article right there without all the rest I said if you ask me...

Your stance?
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