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So, has finally updated its algorithm. After 8 months speculating on a generic "Unknown" race that was the sum of all allied races, we finally have numbers.

Like I said early this year, we should only consider level 120 players, since that shows people's commitment to their most liked characters.

(US populations, but EU are very close to that)
Void Elves: 3.1%
Nightborne: 2.1%
Highmountain Tauren: 1.2%
Lightforged Draenei: 1%
Dark Iron Dwarves: 0.7%
Mag'har Orcs: 0.6%

Obviously, Dark Iron and Mag'har numbers will be lower since they were released last, and after people already had other level 120 characters in order to unlock them.

Together, they sum 9.7% of max level player population. Not bad. But, aside from the elves, they are not very common.

There are more nightborne than goblins or Horde pandaren.
There are more void elves than dwarves, worgen, gnomes or Alliance pandaren.
All other allied races are less common than any of the standard races.

A whooping 65% of Lightforged Draenei are paladins. Blizzard made a single-theme race indeed...

Void elves show the potential that high elves could have had. They are the most popular of the allied races. They didn't make a dent on faction imbalance, which has increased even more in the Horde's favor. Horde is now 55.2% of players. I think this undoes a lot of arguments against high elves... Oh, well.
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