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this thread is very interesting

Blood Elf Player should have Blue Eyes during Blood Elf Heritage Scenario because it takes place when they were still High Elf and before their eyes became green, so this change could be related to it.

MMO-Champion PTR Model Viewer seems to have separated the eyes from face texture. Here's how you can see it.

1. Go to Blood Elf Guard Armor picture
2. Click Model Viewer
3. Select Character Model as Blood Elf
4. Click face and choose from 10 to 19.

You can have those faces with blue eyes on skin color from 0 to 9 which is non-DK and non-DH skin color. They're not DK eyes because DK eyes are attached to skin color 16-18 on model viewer. They're also not High Elf NPC eye color because their eyes are attached to the face, skin and they only have 3 skins. So this means:

Eye is separated from the face

So it might be just for Heritage Armor Scenario but would they really spent so much effort into just for this scenario? I think it's possible setup for Blue Eye customization.
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