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Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
I'm still expecting them to address this over the course of BfA. I think void elf "origin" story is not over and will be covered in the patches ahead, and eventually the high elves will somehow turn void.

It's not what I want to see. But it's what I'm expecting Blizzard to do. They need to finish their troll move and end this debate once and for all. My reaction will depend on how good the story ends up being...

Sorry, but those are DK faces. THe DK eyes attached to skins 16-18 are just the DK-only skins (those skins are also limited to a few faces only). The faces you mentioned with blue eyes are for the normal blood elf faces, but when used by DKs.

So no, this is no indication of playable blue-eyed blood elves.
those eyes are from the face 10! and can be used in normal blood elf skins.

it would be so wonderful more personalization! It is also logical because in the flashback quest they should have blue eyes!
I think it could be a reward to finish
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