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Originally Posted by Rhllor View Post
those eyes are from the face 10! and can be used in normal blood elf skins.

it would be so wonderful more personalization! It is also logical because in the flashback quest they should have blue eyes!
I think it could be a reward to finish
Rhllor, let me explain again: DKs have access to all normal skins/faces of blood elves, plus 3 exclusive undead skins. Those faces you are seeing are the DK faces that mirror the normal faces. The other 3 skins are the DK-only ones.

WHat you are seeing in the model is nothing new. It has been there since the model revamp, and was in the old models as well since WotLK.

While I think Blizzard is planning on ending the high elves and turn them into void elves at some point, I doubt they will give blood elves blue eyes. Maybe, reaaaaally maybe, after the high elf issue has been dealt with.


Changing the subject, I was thinking on some of the BfA mysteries and... I think I have an idea on where Vol'jin's story is headed.

While I have no clue on what entity distracted him so he could be killed, then impersonated the Loa to mislead him in his final moments, I think the one who brought him back is... Rezan.

Rezan, being attuned to the Light, foresaw his own fate. So, he saved Vol'jin's spirit from whatever dark entity was holding him, and infused him with his Loa power.

When Rezan was killed, he was already weakened because of his actions.

Vol'jin will be the new Loa of Kings and Queens, and the patron of the Prelates, soon Prelates of Vol'jin.
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