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My understanding is that Zandalari are based on the night elf skeleton. At least, they were during Mists of Pandaria. Can't speak to Kul Tirans, but presumably they are built from a skeleton that allows for equipment. Maybe vrykul.

The thing I'm emphasizing here is that clearly Blizzard is looking to cut corners here. The reason KT humans are the allied race for humans is that they were already building those fat human models for NPCs and mobs in KT.

So unless they're planning a substantial hobgoblin presence in the Kezan dungeon I think hobgoblins are too much work for them to do it. (If hobgobs were based on the orc skeleton or something rather than the ogre one I might not think it so far fetched)

Comparatively, gilgoblins are just a matter of minor model adjustments and retexturing, especially given that the dimorphism in goblins is fairly minor. Coming up with a female gilgoblin would be easier than a female hobgoblin.

Whether or not they're the better choice isn't so much what I'm arguing. I'm arguing what I think the likely choice is.

(Though, leper gnomes are the better choice over mechagnomes, primarily because that might be the only way the story of Gnomeregan ever resolves or progresses. I've no grudge against mechagnomes but they are not very relevant)

But given that those weird fox gnomes apparently use the goblin skeleton, I figure the truly most likely option is Blizzard chooses them and Allied Races are left a conceptually confused feature.

I can equally imagine them just deciding to leave it at eight allies races.
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