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PS. Seems truth was closer to humans with skin conditions than shadow aliens all along
I base my views on the evidence, and this is the first concrete evidence of "humans with skin conditions" we've gotten so far, although it's still really hard to square with the Forsaken's actions as a whole unless you assume ignorance of the details of almost everything on the part of Forsaken civilians, which is sort of a hard sell considering how many shitty things the Forsaken do right out in the open in the Undercity.

Another criticism I'd have of the book I guess is also that the impact or importance of undeath itself is muddied even further. It essentially says that the impact that undeath has on a person "varies" from nothing to everything, which may as well be saying it has no impact at all.

Many if not most Forsaken could choose to stay within the Horde of their own volition given how the Horde saved their skin a few times when they needed it the most while their human kin left them to rot or were outright hostile.
Here's the thing though; do they believe that on the basis of factual reality or do they believe that based on Sylvanas' totalitarian information control? The King of Stormwind and the Queen of Lordaeron have essentially welcomed them with open arms at this point, and most Forsaken may be unaware of just how horrible Sylvanas has been to humanity.

If the information barrier evaporated, and they were able to see the truth, then if they are "humans with skin conditions" the vast majority of them would almost certainly defect. That's what scared Sylvanas to the point that she carried out a massacre on her own people at the end of this book. In her own words, she can't allow them to hope, to know the truth, because that spells the end of her rule.
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