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So, I'm reading Before the Storm and in Legion we always had the idea that you'd have to, like, kill Sargeras in Argus to defeat the Burning Legion, or something like that.

That kind of concept was always "stated" in the materials, especially the expac's book (Illidan).

The same is true for Before the Storm, though. Several stuff is stated in the pre-expac material:

- Sylvanas and Anduin are both enhanced strategists now (because they touched azerite)
- Sylvanas wants Stormwind
- Magni gives the azerite necklace to the heroes so they can gather azerite to be used to heal Azeroth's wound
- Sylvanas wants a fleet

The necklace will probably only be returned at the end of the xpac, similarly to the artifacts.

Healing the wound will stop azerite from popping everywhere in the world, and there are theories that azerite is infected and will 'poison' Azeroth (her heart is a crater and we have filled it).

So that makes it believable that a void/old-god threat will only be the main threat in the next expac. Throughout Legion, we had 1+3 new zones (Broken Shore + Antoran Wastes, Mac'Aree and Krokuun).

What if, in BFA, we have 3 new old continent zones?

So basically Sylvanas gathers her fleet to respond to the attack in Lordaeron by attacking Stormwind.

The 3 zones would be Lordaeron, Gilneas and Elwynn Forest, with Stormwind as the final raid.

That would be something like 8.3 though (the equivalent of 7.3), which makes 8.2 an even bigger question. Sea conflict patch? Ny'alotha? Return to Teldrassil?
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