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Blizzard enabled the War of Thorns for characters post-110 in Beta (I had done the first part at 110, then leveled and couldn't finish it later).

And boy, that Sylvanas/Malfurion confrontation is cringeworthy as hell. Everything about it is terrible: the non-fight, Saurfang being a crying coward, Sylvanas acting as a c-class Bond villain and leaving before Malfurion dies, Tyrande's corny dialogue and then giving up and leaving her people behind. Man, that was really terrible.

Blizzard must have ran out of time to do it properly, if that's the case, they should have done it slightly different...

I dunno, maybe Horde version is you and Sylvanas beating Malfurion, then Tyrande and the Kaldorei arrive and you must retreat, while Malfurion colapses from his wounds. Alliance version could be us arriving just in time to save Malfurion.

The way it was done, every character involved was tarnished by it.

Originally Posted by Insane Guy of Doom View Post
Also important, make sure to do the Teldrassil content ASAP, as unlike Legion's pre expansion quests, all Burning of Teldrassil quests will be removed from the game when Battle for Azeroth launches (for some bizarre reason).
I hate when they remove content like that...

They also removed the quests in Blasted Lands for WoD.

They kept the Legion prepatch questline, but also butchered it. You can only do it now out of order and having to travel back and forth between Broken Isles!Dalaran and Deadwind!Dalaran to get the next quest/do it. It does bot flow naturally.

Make the quests skippable, but keep them! Take away the rewards if you want it as a limited time event, but leave it for those who want to see the story.
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