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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
Garrosh (as of Mists) and the Iron Horde were specifically written as the villains of the story, yet even so, their villainy was not as much a direct product of orcish thinking but Garrosh' unbalanced psyché (a product of shoddy writing nonetheless) and his manipulations (the visions of time).

We can't just take one character or event and pin point it as representing the entirety of the orcs. Durotan, Garad, older Saurfang represent "pure orcish thinking" as much as Garrosh. We have to look at what they have in common, in this case warrior culture and tribalistic ties to the land, to see what actually represents it. And a warrior culture does not have to be hyper-aggressive, it can be contained and reserved, either as an established part of the culture or through guidance. Guidance, not suppression, as that’d end with a counter-reaction and further escalation (which, with current writing, the entire Garrosh endeavor would seem as an example, even if probably not intended by Blizzard in its entirety). Something apparently present in Reign of Chaos, a thing conceded in a previous post of mine, as Thrall seemingly accepted the warrior culture of the orcs there as opposed to World of Warcraft, guiding it instead of suppressing it, using the tauren, a clear example of a self-reserved warrior culture, as a further symbol in doing so.
Another problem: turning Orcs into Tauren.

Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
I think this is what people expect the Horde to be.
Muddy waters.

You could have that discussion for years without reaching a conclusion.

Oh wait--

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