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Originally Posted by Ruinshin View Post
Right, having no narrative meanmeans we have no narrative.

For the past several expansions it's been come together like never before to win.

There has never been strife, the Alliance has no real end goals, it can't drive the plot, and it never moves forward, changes or reacts.

By definition, a narrative is an account of connected events. The Alliance has no account of connected events. It just keeps using the same event (overcoming nonexistent differences to rally behind Varian like never before)

I suppose, in the broadest sense possible, we have a narrative Alliance side. But it's stretching the definition.
To be fair, I want to challenge that "never changes" notion. The inclusion of Dark Irons, Highborne, and Worgen are all very big changes.

I think it'd be better to say that there is change, but that change doesn't seem to get explored very well. The way Blizzard handles inner conflict among the Alliance is a tad cheesy and settles itself in a very short time rather than taking longer than it realistically should.