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Originally Posted by Shekinah View Post
I still want playable arakkoa. I want it so badly I could cry (and given how they were handled in WoD, I might cry anyway).
Arakkoa is one of the two possible races that I think would be better in the Alliance than the Horde. The other are ethereals. However, because of their posture and twisted limbs, I think gear would look atrocious on them. They'd also be very strange without their robes.

Originally Posted by Asterisk View Post
Cata was absolutely an Old God expansion. It had faceless ones screaming in our face absolutely everywhere, tentacles regularly sprouting out of the ground, and those big sarlacc pit things all over the place. Deathwing was the face and the final boss, but the Old God presence was shoved in our face from the get-go.

Mists did it much better. Y'Shaarj was mostly restricted to the backstory, the Sha just did their own thing separate from him, and when Garrosh got his heart all it did was give him a powerup. There were no faceless ones, no sarlacc pits, no crazy cultists screaming generic end-of-the-world phrases at us, unlike Cata which had all of that.

And unfortunately I don't believe the next expansion won't follow Cata's example instead of MoP's.
You are just showing my point. The reason Cata feels off to you is exactly because they went too overboard with a secondary theme (Old Gods), making it too close in importance to the primary one (the breaking of the world and Deathwing). "Old Gods" was not the center of the narrative, nor its selling point. They took it too far, weakening the story.
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