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Originally Posted by Gurzog View Post
You are literally deluding yourself if you expect Anything else than the 7.3 trailer from gamescom.

They showed thet 7.2 trailer a WEEK before it was released.

Dont forget about the #BiggestPatchEVER
Legion was revealed at gamescom... they are several blizzard rep. Hinting at a big reveal at gamescom and saying to fansite that they shouldnt miss this gamescom.
They leaked kul tiras file into the 7.3 ptr. It was not a mistake it was to start the 8.0 hype till gamescom. I would not be surprised if blizzard was behind several.of those leaks to incite speculation and pushing the hype further...
"The Azjol-anak resistance cell perhaps, we can always tell ourselves that the rest of the Nerubian survivors (namely the queens) practically dug their way to Plothole to escape the Scourge."

Originally Posted by Sonneillon View Post
Nothing, this is Scrolls of Lore, every conversation on here slowly distills down to Sylvanas, Lorderon or Worgen. I'm pretty sure that theres a mathematical truth to this.