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Originally Posted by PajamaSalad View Post
There are bad statistics about millennials though. They have a lot of debt and were slow to move out of their parents homes. Not as many of them had held real jobs as the prior generations.
You should understand that the reason millennials have a lot of debt is because they were graduating college with student loan debt right when the housing market crashed and it was the worst economic crisis in 70 years back in 2009. It was the worst - by far - since 1929. Millennials spent $30,000 on a bachelor degree instead of $2400 like that Baby Boomer did in a time where wages have not kept up with inflation. All these people were getting out of college and there were no jobs, no money, no homes. The boomers brought it on (what generation do you think those CEOs belong to?) by worshiping private profits at the expense of prudence, and pulled the rug out from under the people graduating into the great recession. Millennials had to find opportunity in this new world order, and started carving out new industries. But now we have a fuckton of old people voting for Donald Trump and the jobs millennials were inventing for themselves are being cast aside so we can put dying industries on life support so these olds can limp into retirement after their 401ks died in 2008.
Now imagine a music, dear readers, heavy with cellos at a rapid staccato. Cellos held between thighs in a dark room. The little room of Harry's chest as he walks with his teammates to the opening gate of his first Test of Cribbage. They are a rag-tag group of champions, this bunch, and with Harry, the near-perfect new god, they know they will dominate the day. Harry is a world laced with rivers of wizardly blood. He is ready.

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