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Seeing how Vol. II ended with wrapping up the Second War, I expect we'll get the story of WCIII and TFT in the first half of Vol. III, and things leading up to it; Ner'zhul being turned into the Lich King, Kel'Thuzad and the origins of the plague, the Alliance of Lordaeron drifting apart, hopefully some information on the Nerubians and Northrend's inhabitants pre-Arthas' landing, the upbringing of Thrall and his eventual reunion with his clansmen, and the shenanigans of Medivh as he discovers what's about to happen. Maybe even some information concerning Maraudon and the Centaurs, and why they were hunting Tauren to extinction, that'd be cool too (unless that's already been explained in some medium, I'm not sure).

Part two I suppose will pick up after the Battle of Hyjal, how the Horde and Alliance's new state of tense status quo shape the years leading up to WoW, the new alliances and unions forged (Night Elves joining the Alliance, Forsaken joining Horde), and new enemies planning to take them down. I hope they don't rush through the events of Vanilla WoW too much, although there's a whole lot to cover, and if rumours are to believed Vol. III will stretch all the way to the end of WotLK, so I'm afraid that's exactly what'll happen. I fear a lot of events taking place during Vanilla (Hakkar-story, Missing Diplomat-story, all the Twilight's Hammer stuff around the world, mainly C'thun n' friends, Black Dragon and Stormwind-story, etc.) will be glossed over and not nearly as detailed as later expansions' events where the story was presented more coherently and direct (they also featured more established characters and faction leaders more prominently). And because of the fact that the expansions' stories were written with a fairly clear beginning and end in mind right from the bat, rather than a loosely related stories of a world with several local conflicts escalating out of control like Vanilla, the expansions' stories are made easier to adapt and puzzle together I think.

Either way I'm looking forward to the future volumes of Chronicle. So far they're impressive and interesting.
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