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Originally Posted by Kyalin V. Raintree View Post
The other thing I'm pointing out isn't necessarily tied to specific characters. I would expect Saurfang to have an issue with it, sure, he is specifically portrayed to have a general problem with genocide, but what about your average Horde player? Why should your average Horde player share his indignation and buy into this as a controversy when the target is who it is?
Average orc would be thrilled. Maybe even a lot of tauren would approve. Bias, hatred, prejudice, personal matters, fear: common people often do not have the full picture of what is happening.

Even in the modern world, there's no shortage of people who would love to see some enemy country be nuked once and for all.

Leaders are the ones that often need to consider the full picture.

Sylvanas' actions may make her unpopular with some leaders, but the Horde would still back her up.

Garrosh's mistake was that, in order to fulfill his plans as quickly as possible, he started to push the Horde against itself, thus making everyone see him as the problem.
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