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Originally Posted by Commander Rotal View Post
Yes, out of only two options for Allied Races per faction the fact that one is played more than the other has nothing to do with them being the only thing that could be considered "new", sure.
Highmountain Tauren and Lightforged Draenei are pure jokes that shouldn't even be their own sub races but at least Highmountain Tauren get new antlers. Many Lightforged Draenei are indistuingishable from regular ones unless you really look at them, no shit Alliance players flock to the one that at least gives them a new skeleton to look at. *I* play one and i don't even like them, for the pure reason that it shaved off a few minutes of levelling an Alliance alt to level with a friend who was already 30.
You were the one who first suggested that Void Elves aren't fine. I just presented you numbers. Numbers that show that Void Elves even beat Dwarves, Draenei and Gnomes in some scenarios.

Originally Posted by Commander Rotal View Post
Stop sucking Ion's cock, he's probably got people paid to do that for him.
Keep whimpering, whining and moaning about corporate positioning decisions and you'll always play right into their hands, vocally complaining about what they're doing and never understanding why such actions got an okay pass through social media marketers and RP professionals.

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