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Yeah that's my whole point, Sylvanas goes on and on about "free will" and how the Forsaken she raises have a choice; yet it seems like free-willed undead seem to "choose" to immediately side with their enemy and start killing their former friends just like if the Scourge were raising them.

Take Captain Stone. She goes from being a guard captain to dead to Forsaken and then by the next fucking quest line she's already on board with killing Kul Tiran soldiers.

Back in Cata when they revamped the zones there was Marshal Redpath who was raised as a Forsaken - and he actively fought against Sylvanas and them because why would he serve the same people who destroyed his home(Southshore)? Yet for some stupid reason they changed it from that into he was crazy and wanted elbows.
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Fuck your dumb gamergate shit I'd rather be pegged by Sylvanas than read it.
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Just remember, the Alliance is only ever allowed to passively defend itself against the Horde, and Taurajo was Azeroth's equivalent of the Holocaust.

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