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Originally Posted by Sarahmoo View Post
Why did Deathwing only destroy The Park and not the rest of the city, say, the Keep or Stormwind Cathedral?
Unless there's any reference to Benedictus being on his side, I've always thought that it could've been him going face to face with Benedictus ("I looked into the eyes of the dragon, and despaired" anyone?), realising he's got a very useful ally, one whose ability to undermine efforts to defeat him may well have been more useful than destroying a whole city (imagine what could've happened if he succeeded in getting the demon soul of Thrall...)

Yeah, it doesn't explain so well why he didn't just destroy the city after that (didn't want to risk losing Benedictus? Realised that if he were to have any major influence, he'd need Stormwind? Would place Benedictus under far too much scrutiny if he were the sole survivor? Could be reasons no matter when he collected Benedictus), but better than nothing I suppose. Of course, if I've been an idiot and missed where he's said to have betrayed before the attack, then disregard.
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