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Originally Posted by Kakwakas View Post
I wouldn't put members of the free press possibly trespassing anywhere near on the same level as a president encouraging violence on innocent people.
You guys would lose your shit if I said anybody who can roundhouse kick an anti-choicer is my guy, and I'm not even a politician.
That's not the point.

Free Press is a good thing. But by the same token, press shouldn't have unlimited power and certainly shouldn't think they get to run around like they currently do.

The politician in question should have handled that shit better. With that being said, the reporter he attacked was, by any reasonable standard, harassing people.

Come in uninvited to an event, interrupt conversations that are ongoing, shoving phones into peoples faces, ignoring the answer of "I'll talk to you in a second" and "Look, talk to this person, he handles the press".

Going to people who run facebook pages and interviewing them unannounced on live TV.

Yelling highly volatile questions at political meetings because they don't get to be inside highly sensitive talks and then bragging about it to their friends as a "Well thats what the fuck they get" moment.

Borderline blackmailing people.

The press now is not the friend of the people. They are not in the peoples corner. They are in their own corner, taking money to advertise products on their sites and in their shows, written as if they are actual news. The message delivered coming from on high, identical across a hundred different news stations, word for word.

The politician should have called security. He should have had that reported escorted out. And yeah, the press release would have been "X barred press from event!", but the harassment is no excuse.

And while Trump damn sure shouldn't have had endorsed that behavior, I find it hard to care when we've seen examples and videos of press faking stories, guiding and telling people what to say, mics left on as they coach reactions out of people, and every other shit event we've seen.

USA going from unipower to the country we just have to deal with, one troll at a time.
You know what? God damn right. You "do" have to deal with us, because we are the top dog. Our Economy is the best its been in decades. We are going through with more deals. Despite the paris deal and us walking, we are "still" the only country that has met its goals, all under Trump. And maybe a lot of that is in "reaction" to Trump, but the fact remains....

We're doing it. The rest of the world isn't.

So yeah, deal with us. Because either way, as usual, you all want to talk about leaders, about being the big future, but we're the ones walking and doing.

So the rest of the world can sit down, shut the fuck up, and keep feelin salty that they are playing second fiddle. As usual.
Fucking Epic :X

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