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Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether The Great War RPG - Unit Pictures, Themes, OOC

A Note to Ye Wanderers From Elsewhere

The Great War of Lordaeron was going to be started as a 'RISK' game, which is why there are unit pictures below. It quickly became a collectively written story instead, with Timolas as 'Game Master'.

Below is the original post for the Risk:
It is done, the beta version of each single unit!!! *
(* Mounts not included)

Footman, Archer, Cavalry, Mage

Footman, Archer, Cavalry, Mage, Priest

Footman, Archer, Cavalry, Mage

Footman, Archer, Cavalry, Mage

Kul Tiras:
Phalanx, Slinger, Condotieri, Dark Priest, Goblin Tinker

Footman, Archer, Cavalry, Mage, Hareveim, Zaramim

Amani Tribe:
Savage, Axethrower, Berserker, Witch Doctor, Warbringer, Batrider

Cult of Brux:
Footman, Archer, Cavalry, Warlock, Kobold, Gnoll Bruiser, Gnoll Poacher

Mountaineer, Wildhammer Scout, Mountain King, Darkiron Sorcerer, Prospector, Uldaman Guardian

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