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Originally Posted by Genesis View Post
Overwatch appears to be a resounding success. Fandom for the game is expanding throughout Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and other social media platforms.

But what does Overwatch (and its likely success) mean for Blizzard going forward into the future? What does it mean for current and future projects alike? Should we expect a gradual deemphasis and gradual fading of (World of) Warcraft? Should we expect more games that are cheaper to produce and generate greater profit (e.g. Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch)? What shifts in gaming does Overwatch precipitate?

This is naturally all speculation, but I am curious as to how Overwatch impacts the future of Blizzard and their games.

They aren't in for the long term anymore. Expect more low-budget casual games, with lot of monetization schemes.

Note, too, that both SC2 and D3 were resounding failures for the mark they were supposed to leave in the long term. I don't think we'll ever see SC3, and D4, if it happens, will be even more casualized than D3. We could get another D3 expansion, but don't get you hopes too high.

I think W4 will eventually happen, but it will be an abomination for W3 fans.

Some FPS based on StarCraft could be possible, but I don't know. It would overlap far too much with Overwatch and the Activision titles. If it happens, it will be some cruel Call of Duty crossover.

Alternatively, I could see StarCraft and Overwatch sort of merging into a single franchise, with proto-terran technology becoming part of the Overwatch universe. It could be pretty cool if done right, and would save the SC franchise, which is now pretty much dead.

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