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Originally Posted by DerpiusMaximus View Post
I wish we had gotten to see Vol'jin build up the whole, "Horde is family thing" with rebuilding what it effectively means to be Horde and rebuilding the unity of the Horde in the aftermath of Garrosh's machinations. Wouldn't it be much more interesting to see the Horde try to unite as one again in Legion? Wouldn't it be more interesting that they lost the first battle of the Broken Shore in part due to the Horde's lack of unity?

Having Vol'jin prove himself as leader as Anduin does the same would have been nice.

Instead, he does nothing for an expansion then up and dies because of ~faction parity~ or because certain higher up devs have hardons for Sylvanas.
That would've been glorious, could've united the trolls while he was at it.
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