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Originally Posted by Arashi View Post
Yeah, i think you're onto something here. I suppose this is also another marketing and/or entertainment trend. Thinking on it more, it feels like this ghostbusters movie is something more along the lines of a disney comedy show. Hell you could probably just replace the characters with the jonas brothers and probably get something halfway decent.

Very low brow comedy. The original movies were pretty low brow as well, but they had class.
My main problem with the trailer is that the jokes rely too much on stereotypes. Specifically gender stereotypes. The girls fawning over Chris Hemsworth because he's hot, the new logo, and what was mentioned above.

I did like the character who was pulling on the door that said "push" (or was it the other way around?). I love awkward jokes like that, although an over-reliance on those would slow the movie down.
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