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We need new rules about complete derailments and spamming.

Examples for both of them:

Complete derailment:

We're speaking about A, and then someone pops up speaking about neither B or C, but of Z. Something which has remotelly nothing to do with anything in that thread; or even the forum -_-.

Linear progressions that makes the thread change the topic is one thing, and just popping up with nonsense is another. At least, the one derailing should try to give it a sense regarding the main topic, just to link both topics.


When someone just needs to answer to everything in the forum. Ok, no problem... unless your messages are all of them less of 10 letters, or just make no sense, or are stupid, or are just Mr. Obvious crap.

Short comments just to give the forum a good atmosphere are always welcome, but there's a point between some and too much.

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