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Originally Posted by Krakhed View Post
In other Old Gods news, behold Xal'zaix. Adding the apostrophe there myself, because we know what Xal's tend to be.

Artifacts possessed by the spirit of an Old God, à la Xal'atath and Xal'atoh.

Makes me think "Atoh" and "Atath" are their words for Axe and Knife, with Xal indicating the divine nature of the artifact. Now, this box here is "Zaix", which makes sense since it's not a weapon. The name would follow a different format. However, we already have a Shathyar translation for Zaix, "Praise". So, that might be "The Divine Praise".

If it serves as some kind of religious guidance for the Seapriests, that might be fitting.
Not sure of the scale, but it almost looks like a cloth hood/helm, with the swirly purple where the face opening would be.
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