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Originally Posted by Valtheria View Post
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Oh god, her own Scholomance? There's no way anyone in the Alliance or the Horde would allow that to happen. Whoever the Warchief after Garrosh is would threaten to dump her immediately after hearing about that. It's one thing to have a small number of creatures capable of rudimentary necromancy, it's another thing to train a full-fledged Cult of the Damned.
It's a secret.

Originally Posted by Valtheria View Post
Southshore is useless to them. It will not be inhabitable - the Forsaken would know the effects of the Blight better than anyone else, so it breaks suspension of disbelief that the Alliance could do better in a short amount of time.
The Gnomes, who have experience with slimes and are geniuses, and the Light could give the Alliance an edge. At least, that's how I'd explained it.

Originally Posted by Valtheria View Post
That last point doesn't work. Again, there are limits on what can and cannot be raised that apply to time and the power of the person being raised versus the power used to raise them. This is why Terenas' urn was necessary to carry Kel'Thuzad's remains and why they required the Sunwell to resurrect a necromancer of his caliber.
That's why most (the oldest) are failures. Sometimes the Forsaken get lucky and find a fresh corpse. Of course, the grave robbing is done in secret so as to not anger the Alliance. Some unscrupulous humans could even be trafficking corpses.
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