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Originally Posted by OnyxWatcher View Post
Topic title.
I have never learnt it. Lordaeron continent is infested with Forsaken, Scourge and Burning Legion remnants and still there is the last bastion of humanity and the light strong enough to keep beign quite active.

Is Alliance that cuck?

I know that Scarlet Crusade is radical, but come on, hard times need hard men.

I don't understand what interest the House of Nobles had to declare war to them. Money and influences? It makes no sense. It's about safety of human race here. And you have no profit in Lordaeron when there are strong factions of filthy undead ravaging.

The Scarlet Crusade isn't just radical. They're "all non-human races are likely carriers of the undead plague and therefore kill-on-sight" radical. So the Alliance is hostile to the Scarlet Crusade because it's standard Scarlet policy to attempt to murder most of the Alliance.

Moreover that mindset came to encompass human outsiders as well; if you're not a Crusader yourself, even being human won't protect you from getting tortured and killed by the Crusade for being a potential agent of the Scourge.

For the entire time it was prominent the Scarlet Crusade (and later Scarlet Onslaught) had been controlled in one way or another by a dreadlord infiltrator, so they've always operated under increasingly aggressive and exclusionary pretenses that were, in all likelihood, designed to keep outsiders away so the demons would remain surrounded by indoctrinated zealots who were unlikely to question commands and potentially discover their identities.

I.e. the individuals in charge of the Crusade didn't want outside help because they weren't actually trying to defeat the Scourge and didn't want to risk being exposed as demons, so they deliberately kept the Crusade hostile toward the Alliance and the Horde.
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