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Originally Posted by Jon Targaryen View Post
Considering how the Balnazzar and Varimathras kept the Forsaken and the SC at each others throats, do you think they tried to infiltrate the Alliance as well?
Hard to say; Varimathras might have with his Forsaken subordinates under the pretense of doing so for Sylvanas and the Horde, but Balnazzar couldn't really rely on Scarlets for such a thing because he couldn't have them knowing who he really was and why he'd want to disrupt the Alliance anywhere but within the Plaguelands itself.

The priority seemed to be maintaining a four-way back-and-forth between the Scourge, Forsaken, Scarlet Crusade and, to a lesser degree, Argent Dawn for the purpose of preventing any group from conquering and stabilizing the Plaguelands. Based on Varimathras' eventual betrayal it was likely geared toward eventually creating a Legion foothold there without having to deal with a single regional hegemony that could form an organized response.
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