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Default Just transfering this from the other thread

Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
Blizzard doesn't have a Horde bias problem. They have a "Doesn't Know How to Write the Horde" problem.

They want us to have the New Horde and the Old Horde at the same time. The reasoned, restrained, spiritual Horde that just wants to coexist and the badass war machine that doesn't care about spirits and rapes the land anywhere it sets up shop. But they can't have that, because eating babies and saving babies doesn't somehow cancel each other out and make you not a baby-eater.

First with Garrosh, and now by putting the "playable villain" faction in charge, they've made the Horde into villains, thematically and in action, but keep telling Horde players they're the good guys while they help despot after despot do horrible things. And now we get to do it all over again, at a time when it makes the least sense, because they think they're enormously clever when they make the faction conflict cyclical, i.e. just the same story again with a new paint job.

It's saddening whenever I see Horde players celebrate these villainous Warchiefs who don't give a damn about their character or player race, as if being despised by the Warchief is grounds for blind devotion to him/her. People who heralded or still herald Garrosh as this great leader even though he wanted them and their entire chosen player race dead, or who "get chills" hearing Sylvanas shout "for the Horde" even though we know it's all bullshit because she renews her assertions of not really caring about the Horde at all every time we hear or read what she's really thinking. Blizzard is shoveling the entire faction this same stale garbage over and over, and they just keep wolfing it down without complaint and eager for more.

And they complain about Thrall and Vol'jin, because Blizzard makes any Warchief who's not fighting the Alliance a useless, do-nothing Warchief. Any Warchief that isn't trying to destroy the Alliance gets plunked down on his throne to do nothing until it's time to die or step down. They just can't seem to figure out how to make the factions do anything meaningful that isn't fighting the other faction, and that loses all meaning because of how clumsily it's inevitably handled. All they're good for is the same redundant war over and over again and maintaining PvP over meaningless objectives.

I'm convinced that if they got their shit together, picked a Horde and wrote it instead of continuing to write two fundamentally incompatible Hordes at the same time, the Alliance side of things would fall into place with it. The Alliance and Horde exist to play off each other. It's all they're good for at this point. Which means as long as one faction is narratively schizophrenic the other will by necessity be incongruous and broken in its response. Fix the Horde and you fix the Alliance. But they can't (or more accurately, deliberately won't) because their heads are stuck in the WC1-2 nostalgia of the Horde being non-sympathetic protagonist bad guys, so they keep dragging it down to drink from that same filthy trough again, and dragging any faction interaction down with it.

Until they fix it, they shouldn't be even touching another faction war. But they are. They're hitting that same road again with the same broken parts still in place, the same inevitable problems they always cause, and the same players (clearly not all of them, but evidently enough to keep Blizzard convinced this is the way to go) who insist that nothing is wrong with it as long as they get shiny new stuff to look at.
I'm in love with this post. It says everything I wanted to say, but in a better way.

On a related note, LOL at John Hight saying "the Alliance finally says, 'Okay, we've had it'". The Alliance has said "okay, we've had it" at least twice before and it never went anywhere. It won't go anywhere this time either.

Originally Posted by Icefrost View Post
And to top it off, the Chromie tagline of the WoW Classic servers announcement just happens to start off with "they say you can never go back home..."

Tell me I'm not the only one to connect that dot.

It's like they're trying really hard to tell us to "go play this other thing already, you whiny b*tches."
I'll admit it, when they announced that they were "remaking" EK and Kalimdor, coupled with the "one continent for each faction" thing, I thought the Classic servers could be a way for them to dodge at least a fraction of the complaints against the loss of beloved zones. Not the main reason, of course. Classic servers have been a demand since forever. But a... Strategic benefit, so to speak.

However, since it has been revealed that the zone changes won't hit until you are max level and, as such, the staring areas and leveling storylines are going to be preserved, I'm less convinced of that.
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