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I really liked Arm's post as well.
The alliance story was ussually about history and azeroth background which the alliance races are tied to + self reflections and minor stories.
A lot of the horde one was just direct fight enemies and fight alliance and hurt them with splash of shamanism/hunter as a seperate thing.

The issue is now because Horde story was about hurting the alliance. The story for the Alliance automaticly becomes about retaliation and doing something against the horde.
This is not class balance where you forget the past and nerfs or buffs don't matter as long as balance is achieved.
Because of this the alliance identity will keep bleeding as long this is not resolved and thus you see alliance players talking about hurting the horde. It's not because they hate the horde players and it's easy for to horde go for a defensive position of what why you whining?

But the horde is also hurting. While they don't take many big losses in the faction war with consequences it does on a few things like leaders. And because the horde has so little sidecharacter development being build up they don't have replacements. The horde needs that story development alliance has been having.

I do want to add that the horde does have a better balanced faction development than alliance. Partly due to hordes main development is split between Blood Elves and Orcs while for the alliance it's just humans.

Night Elves loss
What makes teldrassil also so bad is that the land is much more critical to Night Elf lore and identity than any other race.

I think Quel'thelas comes second and 3th being, Stormwind+3zones and Ironforge Capitol.

What sucks most is if the alliance just declared themselves as neutral the horde would never attack them it's so jaded.

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