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I'm fine with the writing direction for Battle For Azeroth.

I would take an MMORPG version of Warcraft II over fighting green demons and purple tentacles any day.

I understand lots of players don't agree with the decision (and hell, there's a fair comparison when plenty of americans opposed the war in Vietnam, as well as the bombing of Hiroshima), but the power scaling had to stop (what's next after defeating a Titan?) and the company also needs revenue to keep producing the content.

A factionless world with mundane and political threats would be interesting, yes, not to mention a continuation to the class halls. But it wouldn't be financially good for the franchise as a classic recreation of Warcraft II, and they're promising consequences of war and a dynamic world, everything we ever dreamed of seeing in a game when reading the descriptions of the classic battles in Chronicle.

It doesn't make sense.

We weren't there (in Azeroth) to see how the Alliance and the Horde dealt with each other while also facing the Legion in their home turf.

We were secluded in the Broken Isles, and then in Argus.

It can make sense if Blizzard sheds some light on the perspective of the daily life of the armies of the Alliance and the Horde during Legion.

But that's only required for us, who don't see much sense in this writing direction, and frankly it's not worth the cost of producing more written content. They would rather produce more written content for the BfA post-Legion era and I agree with them.

The reasoning doesn't matter if you look at how they could have portrayed it and when you have a product prototype burning hot in your hands.

Bring me Warcraft II. It's time for proper war.
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