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Footman: Nothing to complain, he looks like what I would expect from an angry peasant mob
Archer: Perhaps my favorite, He looks exactly like a peasant archer would look like
Merchant: A horsemen with a hammer is kinda... silly to me, The cavalry is composed of wealthy humans (or elves) that afforded their riders while the armor set is fitting, they need a ridiculous hat a la sally whitmane (to show that they are wealthy, but not warriors per se) and perhaps an axe or a spear instead of the hammer
Warlock: Good, but please make it a girl... theyre gona think were gay, make her slutish dark maybe XD
Kobold rabble: DURR I WANTZ PLATE AND THE ASHBRUNGER! (theyre ok)
Gnoll Bruisers: Aye they fit
Gnoll Poachers: I only would like to see them with their crossbow now
Megatron: You've forgotten something else: I am your prisoner. I've been granted conditional bail while we look for the Knights of Cybertron. Where in my bail terms does it say—where precisely does it say—that I have to risk my life to save a handful of strangers? Where does it say that?

Skids taps Megatron's Autobot badge.

Skids: Right. There. What does that badge even mean to you? How has wearing it forced you to modify your behaviour? I'm serious! How has being an Autobot in any way prevented you from doing exactly what you want? Because if the answer is "it hasn't"—then nothing you've said or done in the last six months counts for anything.